A Guide to All Seasons Pond Landscaping


Landscape ponds come in different varieties but all of them need periodic care. The kind of seasonal maintenance a landscape pond needs would depend on its location, construction, size and content. It is crucial to learn how to look after your landscape pond whether it is big or small, or in-ground and aboveground. The pointers below can help you conserve your landscape pond from season to season.

How to look after a landscape pond in springtime

1. As warranted, clean the pond bottom by draining the pond and hosing down the bottom. More than an inch of muck in the pound can be damaging.

2. Observe if there are any leaks and patch it using a pond repair kit. This is a basic part of any landscape pond maintenance schedule as this process will help you arrest any water loss.

3. Reinstall the filter and pump but replace them if needed.

4. Trickle water at the bottom of the Ponds Greenwhich to top off the water level and to avoid accumulation of salts and minerals.

5. Clear away dead leaves and detritus to rule out toxic gases.

6. Supplement the water with oxygenating aquatic bunch plants to augment the level of oxygen.

7. In case of potted plants, split them so they can continue growing robustly.

8. Feed the fish with a high carbohydrate diet so they will be active.

9. Return the frost-sensitive plants you stored last winter back to the pond once the danger of icy weather has passed.

10. Before replanting the lotus, water lilies and marsh plants, divide them first.

11. To keep algae under control, include new floating and submerged plants once the water temperature reached fifty degrees Fahrenheit.

12. Put fertilizer to the potted plants.

Pond Landscaping Greenwhich during summertime

1. Check the water level and top it off as needed. Be watchful for a proper water balance and to thwart the buildup of salt and mineral. When topping off, do it with small amounts of water often rather than with large amounts right away.

2. Analyze the water chemistry weekly with ammonia, chlorine and chloramines kits as too much of these chemicals will kill the fish.

Pond landscaping tips in autumn

1. Take out the fallen leaves or use a netting to catch the leaves in case there are many trees around.

2. Detach the filter and pumps, drain them, and store them inside.

How to look after a landscape pond in wintertime

1.Protect your pond by floating a ball or wood on its surface that will absorb the pressure from the expanding ice.

2. Maintain an open air hole for the fish and for toxic gases to pass through.


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